Abby is a 9 month old mixed breed of mostly lab and ? Boston terrier. Thar is what the organization “Friends of Homeless Animals” says, from which she was adopted. 


 Abby came to me at 9 weeks old and was a love right away. I am working on obedience with her as she is in training as a service dog. At about 7 months she became less distracted but still has a way to go. She has gone into many stores including the Wellfleet Market and behaved superbly. I am so proud of her. She is with me constantly except for the days she gets to go to “Nauset Daycare” where she has a ball.  It is her day once a week to “let it all hang out”.


She loves her friend “Rhubarb” who lives next door. She looks out our back porch into Rhubarb’s yard to see if her friend is outside. I am sure she is thrilled when they get together at daycare.

Abby and Daisy

Abby’s very best friend is our 14 year old cat named “Daisy”. They cuddle all the time. Abby absolutely loves going to Nauset Daycare!