Amber came from a breeder in Fairhaven, Ma. She has lots of funny quirks… she likes to fold her blanket up into a ball and suck on it, she moans and makes lots of sounds, walks with a little bit of swagger and she likes to drink out of the water cooler! Amber doesn’t like being goosed or if you make faces at her!

Her hobbies include chewing on her toys, sucking her blankie, sleeping and snacking. Amber has a ponytail issue: if you are wearing one she will start chewing or ripping at it! One day I was doing yoga and Amber was on the couch watching me. I was in  a position where my head was near the floor and my ponytail was hanging upside down I saw her lift her head and tilt it and look at me. All of a sudden she leaps across the floor, slides under me ( like sliding into third base) and snaps at my ponytail as she goes by! That was the end of my yoga because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Pickles was her very first friend and fuzzy wubba is her favorite toy. My favorite memory is driving home with her on Thanksgiving weekend. She was wrapped up in a towel and fit in my two hands, soooo tiny.