My name is Annie and I will be 15 in November. I was adopted by my Mom in January of 2011 after my previous owner passed away. We don’t know much about my past except that I am a former hunting Beagle who lived outside with my Beagle family, that must be where I learned to howl and bark so loud!

I settled in quickly to my new home in Provincetown. We got to walk everywhere. My mom says my walks keep me young. I became very popular with my new human friends in the neighborhood, they always gave me cookies along the way and stopped to say “Hi!”.

I also love riding in the car! Sometimes if the wind catches my ears just right, they will fly in the breeze. I like driving down Commercial Street and taking in all the smells from the restaurants as we cruise by.

I have found in my old age that I would rather say a quick “hello” to dog friends then actually play with them. I love to snuggle into my blankets and take a long nap. I am really picky about my food which my owner says is a first, as I am her fourth Beagle. Even though I lived outside I have the begging for food thing down really well. I can jump pretty high when I try and reach the counters in the kitchen. I hear the words “Annie, No” but I’m not really sure what that means…

My mom is my best friend. I am always by her side. She gives the best ear rubs! She tells me all the time how much she loves me. My favorite part of the day is when she comes home from work. Mom likes to have “cuddle time”. I don’t really like being picked up but it makes Mom happy so I tolerate it. She says we make a great pair, and I agree!