Ash…my darling Ash.

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Ryan and I had my little Beagle, Allie and I could tell he was aching for a dog of his own. It didn’t take much convincing me, and the search on Petfinder began. I attempted to talk him into a second Beagle, but he wanted a dog with “energy”. And energy we got. I saw “Ashley & Wynonna”, yes, after The Judds, and just felt the need to shorten it to Ash, as I’m sure many of you can understand.


I gave in to the sweet, dopey looking, smiling, 1 ½ year old Labrador Retriever/Pointer mix. Ash came into our lives like a tornado, and still does everyday. She seems to forget She is 80 pounds of running, jumping, shoe eating, burping (and farting), toy chewing, tail wagging, wouldn’t trade her for the world fun.


Her favorite things include; chewing limbs off of brand new toys in record time, stealing every bone Allie tries to eat, laying on the “human” couch at night when she thinks we don’t see her, running around the daycare yard in circles chasing absolutely nothing, taking 10-25 minutes just to “do her business”, sleeping in really odd positions, wagging her tail so hard her entire rear end moves and loving Ryan and I until there is no more love to give.


Ash is my second Beagle that I never got. And while we are still establishing who owns who, I wouldn’t trade a day (ok, maybe a day here and there) with her for the world. She has become the dog that is always happy to see us even on our worst days, she doesn’t mind being laughed at, and she always has a kiss for us.