Bandit, Big Bandit. I was reading the Cape Cod Times one Friday and read an ad for an Alaskan Husky. When I called the young girl selling him she said she was in Vermont. I didn’t want to drive to Vermont and almost said no but then she said, “I can be at your house tomorrow morning at 10:00”.  One look and that was all it took. Bandit was the last of seven puppies to be sold, he was tall and skinny with one floppy ear, he was adorable.

5Funny quirks; too many to mention… For such a big dog Bandit is not big on eating. He doesn’t really care for treats. He will wait to eat his meals until I get the leash out for a walk. Most of the bones we give him he insists on bringing out to bury in the yard. We often find them under couch cushions or under the pillows on our bed.

Most mornings when I wake up and first pet him he has to lick both sides of my hands. Then, gentle bites and nibbles them like he’s grooming me. If I don’t let him do every square inch of both hands and both sides, he pins my hand down until he thinks he has it all covered.


As he grew taller and taller and began running faster and faster I soon  realized that I was never going to keep up with him. Then one day at Stop and Shop I had left the back window of my jeep down a little to low and when Bandit saw me go in the automated door he jumped out of the jeep window and came on in after me. There I was in Stop and Shop and Bandit was running up and down the isles. Luckily he came right to me. On the way out after I captured him, I saw the Day Care Bus and since that day Nauset Pet Services is the best thing that happened for us.

Bandit goes to daycare Wednesdays and Fridays. His best buddy is Lewis. Lewis can handle Bandit’s kind of crazy. We can hear Lewis barking for Bandit as we cross the parking lot to get on the bus.


Bandit’s other days are filled with lots of long walks/runs at the beach, in the woods, and on the bike path. He has a dog sled that he loves to pull. Sometimes he goes to work with Jon, on days he isn’t snoozing on the couch.

Bandit has quite the life!