We got Black Bart when he was 6 months old from Brockton Blue Dog Shelter. Even though he is a lab, he’s afraid of water and has no idea what “fetch” is. 

P1190429His hobbies include digging and he loves to go on trail runs with us.

P1190480A few summers ago we left Bart in the screened-in porch instead of locked in his crate when we went to the beach. My husband left the beach early because he felt bad for Bart being left alone so long. When he got back to the cottage he discovered that Bart had “broken out” of the porch & was God knows where. 

P1190489As he was driving around looking for Bart, Nauset Kennels called to say that they had Bart. Bart had followed a neighbor home who was walking his dog and the dog owner called the police because he couldn’t get a hold of us. 

So the Eastham police brought him to the kennel, and they knew who he was because he had gone to “doggie day care.” We love to joke that Bart is “known” to the Eastham police!!

P1190453Bart loves his squeaky football and loves to continually squeeze it until someone has to take it away from him. When we first got Bart and he was still getting used to us, we locked him in the kitchen one evening and he got out and went on a destructive mission: He picked up a 10 lb bag of sugar and dragged it through the house (punctured a hole in it.) He is only allowed on our 1st floor but he went through the entire house leaving a trail of sugar behind him; he pooped on the 3rd floor; he got his box of treats out of the cabinet but couldn’t get the container open but we found it in the living room. 

P1190451Another time Bart got out of the yard and was roaming around the neighborhood. He wandered into someone’s yard and then into their house. When the owners came down into their kitchen and Bart was there, he got really freaked out and was barking at them in their own house! We like to refer to it as Bart’s “home invasion.”