Customer Agreement

Welcome to Nauset Pet Services!!

We love taking care of your pets! We do our absolute best to ensure their happiness and well-being while they are with us.Thank you for entrusting us with your four-legged family members! That said, it’s on to the legal stuff…

Vaccines:  ALL pets must be current on the following vaccines, and proof is required before any services will be rendered.
***Please fax (508-247-9209), email ([email protected]) or mail                   (2685 Nauset Road, Eastham MA 02642) your vaccination record ahead of the scheduled boarding date.

Dogs: Rabies                                                                    Cats: Rabies
Distemper/Parvo                                                           FVRCP
Canine Cough                                                                 Feline Leukemia

At this time we strongly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine, but it is not required.
If your dog has never had a Canine Cough vaccine, or is overdue, it must be done at least 7 days prior to coming to us.

Boarding Hours:

Mon.-Fri. 8-5pm Sat. 8-12(off season) 8-5pm(in season) Sun. 11-12 & 4-5.

Daycare: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:30pm

We are closed for office hours: Christmas, New Years, Easter, July 4th, & Thanksgiving.

Dog Boarding & Daycare:   When dropping off pet(s), Owner agrees to provide Nauset Kennels Corp, DBA Nauset Pet Services (NPS), with food (if eating own), & necessary medication. All other items, toys, beds, leashes and collars, should be left at home unless medically necessary since, NPS cannot guarantee the return of these items or their condition if returned. Seresto or like flea collars are not permitted.

Owner recognizes that your dog may play or board with other dogs. Scratches, punctures and other “playground” type injuries may occur. Owner waives and relinquishes any and all injury claims made against NPS resulting from these interactions.

Owner also recognizes that injuries can occur in any situation, even if the dog is boarding alone and never comes in contact with any other pets. While extremely rare, such occurrences are possible.

Owner recognizes that in any situation where dogs are together, i.e. a kennel, the dog park, vetʼs office, there is always a chance of developing canine cough or other airborne viruses. While all of our dogs are vaccinated against canine cough, the vaccine does not cover 100% of strains. Owner waives and relinquishes any claims made against NPS for a dog contracting canine cough or any other airborne virus. Owner also agrees to notify the kennel if symptoms develop while the dog is no longer in our care.

Cat Boarding:  Owner recognizes that your cat will be in an open cat room with other cats. Although rare, injuries do occur, typically scratches. Owner waives and relinquishes any and all injury claims made against NPS.

Geriatric Boarding:  Older pets may experience additional stress while boarding. While we are dedicated to providing our senior and special needs guests with the highest level of care, there is always an inherent risk when boarding them. Owner recognizes that the stress of boarding an older pet can exacerbate underlying and undiagnosed medical issues in their pet. Owner indemnifies and holds harmless NPS, its employees, officers, directors and shareholders from any claim in the event these situations occur.

Pick up/Delivery: If using NPS Pick Up and Delivery Service:

Owner indemnifies and holds harmless NPS, its employees, officers, directors and shareholders from any claim of damage or injury resulting from the transportation of the pet to and from the business, including but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents.

If NPS picks up your pet then NPS shall transport in a kennel vehicle using the method of restraint they deem best. Owner acknowledges and understands that there may be more than one pet being transported at a time and Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NPS for any injury or damage to person or property (including their pet) resulting from multiple animals being transported together.

NPS reserves the right not to enter a home, even when an arrangement has been made to pick up or drop off the pet.

Fee Schedule: Full payment of all charges must be made prior to discharge of the pet. Full payment must be made by cash, check or credit card. There will be a $30 fee assessed for any returned check.

Check-out time is noon. After 12:00 p.m., you will be charged for another day, unless your pet is being bathed, or is in day care.

Owners shall be responsible for boarding fees until the pet is picked up. If there is any delay in pick up NPS must be notified immediately. If Owner has not picked up pet after ten (10) days of the scheduled pick up time, NPS may deem the pet abandoned and will work in conjunction with the town dog officer to determine a course of action. Owner is still responsible for all costs associated with the abandoned pet, including but not limited to boarding, bathing, and veterinary services.

During holidays, school vacations and summer months, we require a deposit equal to one nights board. The deposit is applicable towards boarding. If your reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of your reservation, we will refund the deposit or apply it towards a future reservation. Refunded deposits will be made by check only. If refunding via credit card, a $5 transaction fee will be deducted from the total refund.

Additional fees will be charged as necessary and on a case by case basis. We may find that your pet requires extra care while boarding with us and you will be charged accordingly. Some examples of additional fees include:

-Any pet that has special needs (i.e. incontinent pets, dogs unable to walk) – $10 or more extra/day
-Additional charge for administration of medicines – $2 or more extra per administration (insulin, multiple medications, timed medications, etc.)

Treatment Authorization:  In the event we have concerns regarding the health of your pet, your pet will be treated by a veterinarian. We will use your pets own vet when able, but if not local or a life-or-death emergency, we will use the nearest available hospital. We will attempt to contact you or the emergency contact immediately. In the event you cannot be reached in the case of a life threatening situation, you are giving the vet permission to attempt to diagnose, treat, and stabilize your pet. Owner agrees to pay all fees with regards to medical treatment, including travel fees incurred from NPS.


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