Charlie is a Norfolk Terrier.  He is sweet as pie, an amazing companion, a good watchdog and he loves people.

Charlie was born in Bowmansville, Pennsylvannia on September 18, 2008. His grandmother is Coco, who won the Terrier Group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2004 and 2005.

We were looking for a family pet and Charlie has been the best! He is energetic, assertive and fearless.

Charlie loves to run on the beach and go on our boat.  He looks like the boat’s captain.  Charlie likes to take long walks with me on the bike trail and really loves his naps after such big days.

Charlie really loves going to Day Care and playing with all his new friends. He thinks he is in charge of the small dogs and the big dogs in the play area. Everyone is so good to him.

Thank you for making his days so much fun!

-The Cowheys