My name is Chester and I am a 4 year old yellow Labrador retriever

Born and bred:

I was born in New Hampshire and came to Cape Cod at the age of 6 weeks along with my brother and sister and one cat. My brother lives in Wellfleet. My sister, Ruby, lives in Eastham and I sometimes see her at Doggie Day Care (DDC).


When I’m tired, I like to cuddle with my favorite teddy bear, after 4 years he’s getting pretty ratty.
I’m afraid of docks and ramps, but I like to go on the boat. My master and mistress have to make a special landing on shore to get me in the boat. (first time out it took 3 people to carry me off the dock.)


I like to play keep away with tennis balls.
When riding in the car, I like to bark at other dogs and bicycles, squirrels, cats and anything that moves.

Funny story:

My friend Ollie and I look so much alike that one day at DDC I got to go home with Ollie’s folks and Ollie got to go home with my folks! It was fun, I got to ride in a new car and see a new house! When my dad cam to get me I jumped right into the car and Ollie was still there too!
Best Friend:

My best friend is Baldy. He is a black lab and about twice as big as me. We often play together. He sometimes thinks I am a girl and tries to hug me.
I also have a lot of friends at DDC. We can play there all day and at night I collapse on the couch.

I have a lot of favorite toys, about 20. My master keeps them in a bag, but I pull them all out every day.

Favorite memory:

I always remember where the cookie jar is. I love cookies.

I’m a very happy dog. I wish I could help all the puppies who need a good place to live.