We chose Chloe, our yellow English Labrador, from the same breeder in Haymarket, Virginia, who sold us our last lab. Her AKC name is Brooklands Chloe Of Cape Cod. Her father was a large black lab named Daniel My Brother and her mother was a smaller yellow lab named Denim Dancer. Chloe was born on October 31, 2009 but since the breeder had planned to use her to breed other Labradors, we did not actually bring Chloe home until June 10, 2010. Chloe was never bred. She was seven months old and had been living in the breeders puppy barn. She was very affectionate but we were not prepared for how wild and energetic she was! Those early days were tough because Chloe had to unlearn nearly as many things as she had to learn. She also missed the companionship of other dogs. Fortunately Chloe was very smart and a quick learner and wanted to please us, and she was housebroken in just a few days and adjusted to us and her new home in good time.

That first summer really revolved around Chloe and she attended manners school (I often joked that she would be attending boot camp!) and Canine Good Citizen Training for twelve weeks. She passed her final exam and received the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Certificate. Best of all, she calmed down and became the best family dog… friendly, sweet, and made a great companion to us and our children and grandchildren. About this time our neighbor told us about Nauset Kennels and we began taking her to day care about once a week. She was in heaven with all of the other dogs and always came home happy and tired.

Chloe loves to swim and fetch sticks thrown into the water. Mill Pond is a favorite destination spring, summer and fall and she also loves walking at Kent’s Point and takes every opportunity to race into Pleasant Bay. She has many buddies wherever she goes and she seems to get along with all of the other dogs. Chloe’s favorite sport is catching tennis balls, which she races after and catches in the air whenever possible. She could definitely letter in the sport! She also adores running on the beach in the winter and doesn’t seem to mind the cold temperatures and the winter waves.

Chloe loves other dogs and loves going to Doggie Day Care. She is wonderful with our grandchildren and is a great source of enjoyment to us. She loves going on errands in the car and is also a great long distance traveler. We take her in the car for the five day journey to Sarasota, Florida, in the winter. She sits in the “navigator” spot right behind and in the middle of the two front seats, and watches the road ahead almost as carefully as we do. Chloe is now two years old and, while maturing, has not lost her puppy-like enthusiasm. She is great fun to live with, in fact, we could not live without her!