September is such a busy month, summer ending, school beginning… So this month I have been honored to have Diddo as this month’s “tail.”  Many of you may know her as 1/2 of the little duo that came to us through the Independence House. She and her sibling spent an entire year here under our care as their family worked towards a new and safe life.  And although the family had made much positive progress in their lives, they were still unable to take the dogs back.

Soooo, lucky me, I got to bring a new little “squish face” into my home.  She is the cutest little love muffin ever!!  She adjusted very quickly to being in charge of her three new brothers.  Nobody messes with her as she slowly enjoys dinner.  Smea, her “squish face” brother just sits there with pleading eyes hoping she’ll leave a little morsel behind.  She never does.

While the other three are trustworthy off leash we quickly learned she is NOT!  After a mad dash down the street, chasing and screaming, we quickly learned this little girl needs a leash at all times.  Lucky for us she walks lovely on a leash.  I just recently brought her and Smea to P-town where she got to walk from one smiling face to another getting oodles of lovin’.  She just sat there smiling and loving every minute of it.

Since adopting the role as “princess” in our family she has wormed her way deep into our hearts.  She loves to be brushed and pampered, and will spend hours snuggled on the couch.  But she’s also a good Cape Cod tomboy too.  At the EDOA Bow Wow Bash we learned she likes to swim.  She’s pretty darn good at it too.  She came out of the water half her normal size and looking like a drowned rat, but a happy drowned rat, promptly rolling in the sand to dry herself off.  (It didn’t work.  She was wet for hours)

She has a keen attraction for my daughter’s ferret.  If she had her way she would chase and chew on him all day.  She thinks it’s fun, he disagrees and so she can only visit him from the opposite side of the ferret cage.  There she chirps and paws at him, begging him to come play.  She also loves the two kitties we have, and again they like her not as much.  Our older cat allows her a short squash and ear chew but my son’s little girl cat puffs up and hisses her disdain at the situation. This of course just sends Diddo into a craze of excitement making her squeal and ricochet around the house.

She now comes to work with me once in a while, revisiting her puppy friends she made while living at the kennel.  But most days she enjoys lounging on the couch and being home.  Most of our tails of the month say something nice about the kennel (we so appreciate the kind words you pass our way).  I must give a huge thanks to them finding me such a cute, sweet, lovey dog!  We couldn’t possibly imagine our lives without her!

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