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Please note: You must have a current reservation to use this form. If your pet has special needs or some aspect of your pet’s life has changed since we last saw you, it is suggested that you allow extra time at check-in so we can go over information together. You must also read and agree to a separate, online Customer Agreement if this is your first time boarding with us.

First Name
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Arrival Date
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Emergency Phone Number
* Please specify even if we have your contact information on file.
Name of Vet
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Pet Name

Feeding Schedule
AM Amount
Noon Amount
PM Amount

$8 per 20 minute walk/play session ($5 for second dog)
Special Request


Medicines/Supplements: List medication, provide the amount given, the time of day given, and reason for med. even if it is written on the bottle. If there are multiple medications, please make sure they are identified and separated from each other, so we know what medication we are giving.

Special Treats: All $2.00 each. If you choose more than one type of treat, we will give one per day and spread them out throughout the stay.
Frosty Paws How Many Per Stay
"Ice Cream" treat designed for dogs.
Booda Edible Bone How Many Per Stay
A gluten free, highly digestible treat.
Stuffed Kong How Many Per Stay
A kong toy, filled with peanut butter.

Other Pampering for my Pet:
Mani-Pedi Nail Trim 10.00 dogs/ 7.00 cats
Bath (includes nail trimming and ear cleaning) starts at 25.00
Spa Bath (choose type below) adds $5 to bath price above
  Oatmeal Flea Conditioning
Grooming (call for pricing)

What time (approximately) will you be picking up? (so we can have your pooch ready for you!)
Pick Up Time

Day Care Option: Some of our clients prefer to have their more social pets moved over to our Doggie Day Care during some, or all of their stay. While there is an additional charge, you know that your dog is being fully socialized and romping and playing while with us.
I would like my pet to be in day care. I understand that there will be an additional charge of $15 per day in day care.
Please tell us what days you prefer (M-F only).
+ Add Additional Pet (Optional)

Very Important Information: We know that your pets are your family. If there is additional information that we should know about for this visit, please tell us.

Signature: By entering my initials below, I indicate that I have read the Customer Agreement and understand the terms and conditions of boarding my pet.

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  • Important Information

    Boarding office hours: Mon. – Fri. 8 – 5 Sat.  8-12 off season … 8-5 Memorial Day weekend- Labor Day weekend Read More

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Coupons & Specials

  • Coupons & Specials

    $25 TUESDAY BATH SPECIAL! (This special does not run in the months of July & August!) $25 regardless of breed or size! Call us to make an appointment, we fill up quickly! Vaccinations are required.

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