What are the required vaccines for boarding?

Why must I clear vaccines with you ahead of time instead of bringing them with to check-in?

What does my dog do during the day while boarding?

My dog is super-high energy. Will he get enough exercise?

How does Doggie Day Care work?

My dog got hurt in day care. How did this happen?

My dog does not play well with others. Will she have alone time in the play yards?

My dog comes home and immediately goes to the bathroom and acts as though he's never been out. He does the same with water, drinking as if he isn't provided with enough water. Please explain.

Will my cat be allowed outside?

My cat is an only cat. How will she adjust to an open cat room with other cats?

What should I bring when boarding my dog or cat?

Do you ban any breeds or dogs from your kennel?

Is someone there 24 hours a day in case of an emergency?

What do you do in case of an emergency?

How are your boarding fees assessed?

Are you open year-round?

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