Holly (or “Holly-Bear” as we like to call her) was picked up from the breeder one late, snowy Saturday afternoon in December of 2009. It seemed almost too perfect that we were picking up our Bernese Mountain Dog just hours before a dreaded snow storm was due to arrive. Since the holidays were following a couple of days later, we couldn’t wait to get home, hunker down, and spend some time with our new family member. We like to think she brought the foot of snow to Cape Cod to announce her arrival!

She was all of seven weeks – a tiny fluff ball of black, brown, and white. From the moment she got in the car, we knew she was going to be a bundle of fun. Checking out the scenery on that first car ride together, Holly has shown her curious side from Day 1. She was named after the Holly tree that stands in our front yard, and since Christmas was only a few days away, we thought the name was quite appropriate.

Holly usually lives life in one of two modes – energetic & excited, or mild & mellow. She enjoys tromping around the backyard or beach, feeling the wind flow through her hair from the back seat of the car, taking long afternoon naps in the shade, and of course, playing with all of her friends at Daycare. Holly has hiked trails in Maine and hopped a ferry to Nantucket, meeting and greeting people everywhere she goes.

An only “child”, Holly is used to getting all of our attention, and she’ll let us know when we are not giving her enough. Holly is a true snuggle bug and does not let her 87 lbs get in the way of showing her affection. She has also mastered the “high five”, which she promptly gives her “father” each and every morning when he crawls out of bed!

It’s funny now trying to imagine our life without Holly. She has taught us so much about unconditional love, forgiveness, and embracing the moment. Holly completes our little family and we can’t wait to add another Berner to our clan!