Hi, my name is Jackson, (for Jackson, Michigan) but I’m known by several other names; Gentleman Jack, Recycle Retriever, but mostly just Jack. I was found in the middle of a cold snowy road in Michigan when I was about four months old. I had been hit by a car, was full of parasites, and I was starving. I am a very lucky dog to have found my way to my mom on Cape Cod!

Okay! So I am a black lab who doesn’t like to swim. I don’t even like puddles. I  did swim once. My mom lured me out over my head with steak. The steak treats were very good, but the swim part was really scary. She tried the same trick the next day using a hot dog. That didn’t work at all. No cheapskate am I!

Hobbies include…

Collecting doggie treats, mugging for doggie treats, hiding doggie treats, and schmoozing my people to give me- yep, you guessed it- doggie treats. I like to bury my prized ‘bones’ around the house. But most often my friends (Sophie & Sandy) find them. That’s okay ’cause I like to share.


I have a favorite chair. It is soft and cushy and fits me perfectly. One day I came in and found my mom sitting in my chair. I put my head on her knee and asked politely for my chair. She just went on talking to her friends, so I went over to the door and asked to go out. When she got up to let me “out” -zip-  I was up onto my chair, fast, fast, fast, fast! Mom just laughed and sat down on the couch.

My favorite toy is my “kick-it”. It is a rubber ball with holes that my mom puts treats in. Then I’m supposed to push it around until the treats fall out. But I learned that I can just stick my lower jaw right into the hole and get all the treats out. Pretty slick! I’m very lucky because I have lots of friends: Trudy and Harper, Sophie, and all my D.D.C. (doggie day care) friends.

My Mom takes me out to “the flats” at low tide. We watch the sunset and I get to chase the seagulls and dig for clams. Those seagulls are soooooo tricky. I think that they like the game. I listen to my mom when she calls me. We love it.


I’ve been called the “Recycle Retriever.” That’s because I like to recycle plastic bottles, as well as lots of other things. When I find an old plastic bottle I love to play with it. And when I finish playing I put it in the recycling box on our porch. Mom seems to like that game too. I always get a treat.