Princess Jasmine was born on 3/11/11. She came from a Australian Labradoodle Breeder. Due to Jazzy’s unusual tastes, I have the number for the animal poison control on speed dial: 1-888-426-4435. Some of the things she has eaten:

1.) Bees from sprayed nests

2.) Bag of Dove chocolates (with wrappers)

3.) Hemorrhoid suppositories

4.) Ant traps

5.) White marsh fish chum

Along with the common: cardboard, paper, house plants, stuffing from toys.
P1190506 (2)Her hobbies include chasing birds from tree to tree, staring at the squirrels through windows, sniffing at absolutely everything (ugh!) 

Jazzy’s favorite toy is her one eared teddy, soon to be no eared teddy if she doesn’t stop chewing on him (he has been restitched many times.)

I arrived on Cape Cod in June to prepare for the usual arrival of family for the 4th of July week… I left Jazz in the house (after closing all the doors to the rooms, putting the trash up high, ect. ) for the 1 1/2 hours while I went to buy some outdoor plants. Came back, got her dinner, put it down – she didn’t eat- very unusual- she usually scoffs everything right up. Started putting items away- looked down- found some pellets on the floor- from where?? Also found a torn bag of “White Marsh” fish chum- great – now what? Unbeknownst to me, my son had forgotten to remove the bag from a box of fishing supplies – 3 guesses who found the bag?? Cripes! Read ingredients- doesn’t sound too bad- however- expands 4x!!!!! I called my friendly poison control office (now it’s 6 p.m.) after discussing the case, I was advised to take Jasmine to the closest emergency vet for x-rays and stomach pump out to avoid blockage or bloat. Down we go to Dennis C.A.R.E. 79 Theophilus F. Smith Road, South Dennis 508-398-7575 (wonderful facility.) They consulted with poison control and came up with Jazzy’s treatment plan which also included an overnight IV – when I picked her up the next A.M. she was bouncing all around in fine shape while I was $433.00 poorer!!! I count us both very lucky!!


Again: ASPCA Poison Control 1-888-426-4435. If your pet has the “Home Again” chip the call is included in your yearly fee $17.99 – well worth it- otherwise there is a charge – have your credit card ready.

Dennis C.A.R.E. (emergency after hours care) 1-508-398-7575