I got my dog Jazz from my veterinarian at Brewster Veterinary Hospital. She is an owner of two greyhounds and a member of The Greyhound Rescue.

Jazz likes to body check you as he walks, or just when he is saying “Hi!”. At the beach he will “tear” around in perfect circles with a huge stride of 7 to 8 feet as if he’s at the track. Of course he is done in three minutes. As a big dog he stretches across the width of my bed making it extremely difficult for me to find a spot to sleep. Any door… any… is his cue to visit, cars, Stop & Shop, public restrooms, and all of our neighbors.

His hobbies include any squeaky toy… too many years not catching the rabbit! Long walks and naps. Playing hide and seek (especially hide). Visiting anyone on a beach… ½ a mile away… walking away from me.. and staying with them!

I learned quickly not to use a long leash. When I first got Jazz I was on my porch steps and he saw a rabbit – he bolted, I flew holding onto the leash… 4 broken ribs! Another time, I didn’t know that greyhounds could swim and we were coming into the bay and he apparently had to “go”… I heard a splash, turned around and saw him swimming for shore to use the facilities. We hooked up with him later at Brewster Rescue.

Jazz has little owner loyalty. He chooses new best friends daily. His favorite toy is the stuffed animal that still squeaks. Average toy life… 5 days.

One of my favorite memories of Jazz was when I saw him for he first time in his cage at the vet’s office. I had just lost a dog. Growing up I had a black and white springer. Jazz looked up, and I saw a greyhound with a coat I had never seen before – black and white and that was it… we have been together for five years now.

I spent a significant time a couple years ago in some hospitals. Jazz stayed at Nauset Pet who posted photos of him. One was jazz in the bed of one of the staffs children. He had had a sleep over. Much of my guilt of abandonment disappeared.