Lark’s Story

Lark is a gift from heaven to us!  We had been waiting for almost 3 years for just the right new companion for our older beagle, Henry, who is now 13.  Lark was rescued from a shelter down in Mississippi, and came up to the Animal Rescue League in Brewster in a transport about 6 weeks ago.  She is now about 6 months old.  We know very little about her beginnings except that she was a small puppy when surrendered at the shelter down South.  She was spotted by a caring volunteer who wanted to spare her from being euthanized, so she brought Lark to a loving foster family where she stayed until she could be transported up to the Cape with 21 other puppies to be adopted into good homes.

Her name down South was Kate or Kit, but we have named her Lark, which means “cheerful and light-hearted”…that she truly is.  She has such a sweet, gentle spirit, and loves to play with kids and other dogs.  Being a Border-collie mix, she is also smart as a whip and has never-ending energy (these are great but sometimes also challenging characteristics!)  Lark quickly settled into our household, which also includes our 9 yr. cat Izzy, as well as Henry the beagle.

Lark has the cutest antic – when she wants to get my attention, she stands behind me and gently pokes her cold black nose into the back of my knee.  It always makes me laugh.  When it is time to eat, she gets so excited she literally does jumping twists in the air!   Her tail does not at all match the rest of her body – it looks like another dog’s tail cut out of a magazine and stuck on to her fluffy body.  It is one of my favorite things about her, and makes her ‘unique’.  A friend of mine told me it is a tail that “only a mother could love”!

We just started Lark in doggie day-care at Nauset Pet Services for a couple of days a week while we are gone at work.  This has been one of the best decisions, and she comes home happily and completely exhausted.  She makes new friends wherever she goes, wagging not just her tail, but the entire back half of her body.

Lark entered our home and our hearts, and we can’t imagine life without her now.  She is such a joy, and we feel so very blessed to have this lovely dog in our family.