Loki came to me about a little over a year ago from farm country out west of Worcester, Ma. He was one of the smallest kittens I had ever seen, not much bigger than a grapefruit. Despite his size he was not afraid of anything or anybody and not afraid to do absolutely crazy things! I am Swedish so I wanted to give him a name that both reflected my ancestry and his character. After doing some research I came up with the name Loki, the Scandinavian God of Mischief and overall chaos.

To this day Loki is not afraid anything. He will sit by the sink with theĀ  water running, walk by the vacuum cleaner, and even be around electric saws.

With age has come calmness. Loki loves to sit with me and watch television or sit on my lap and watch me read. I live near the beach which makes it nice for him to sit in the windows for hours watching birds and people walk by. Not a bad life.

Oh, and Loki LOVES visiting his friends every once in a while at Nauset Kennels.