We are so lucky to have found Marley our yellow lab puppy. We had just lost our black lab mix dog Casey. It was too quiet for us and we were missing her. While searching the internet for lab puppies we came to a local number selling puppies in Eastham, come to find out she was selling puppies just down the street from where we live. We called and scheduled an appointment to see them and were very lucky to have the pick of the litter. It was decided before we saw them that we were going to pick out a yellow male puppy. We climbed on to a porch where all the black and yellow lab puppies were. There were two males, 1 black and 1 yellow all over our son. The yellow puppy almost white and very fluffy was ours. As we left our little guy he was sitting and watching us leave as his brothers and sisters were jumping over him.

We had a couple days to get ready for him and decide on his name. That winter the movie, Marley & Me was coming out and with all the advertising for it our son wanted to call him Marley. We brought Marley home on a Saturday figuring we were going to lose some sleep. My husband was wonderful with the puppy duties and getting out of bed in December and taking him outside every couple hours. Couple of days later and Marley started sleeping 6 hours at a time. Before long we could sleep all night long!! Thankfully our Marley is nothing like the one in the movie.

Marley loves to run and swim at the beach. He loves his ball!! He enjoys playing with squeaking toys and boy does he like to make them squeak. We enjoy bringing him outside at night, giving hem a stick, ball or whatever he wants to hold in his mouth and we chase him around our shed trying to tag him. Sometimes he likes to come to work with us, but we think he enjoys doggie day care at Nauset Kennels the best!!!

The McGinn Family

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