Melba, a husky/yellow lab mix, was adopted at eight months from the Brewster Animal Rescue Shelter.

For 16 years she has endeared herself to family and friends. Family includes Molly and until very recently, Torte, cats of the same age. Melba developed a bond, especially with Torte, who would greet her daily by washing her ears.

Wiley Park and Bee’s River have been favorite walking sites, where again and again other dog lovers, while walking their pets, would stop to admire her and where she would romp and sniff her way to new and old friendships. She doesn’t get there much now, but sniffs her way around the neighborhood on her twice-daily walks.

Melba, indeed, on her visits to Nauset Kennels, thinks of it as her second home and continues to endear herself to staff there as well.

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