Hi! My name is Milo, and I’m so excited to be asked to be a “Tail of the Month.” I’m a Keeshond and I just turned ten years old this November. I’ve been told that my breed is the national dog of the Netherlands, but I’m a “Born in the USA” boy. I was adopted by my present family when I was just 5 months old from “The Friends of Marblehead’s Animals” shelter. I really don’t remember too much about my first family but I do know they were good to me and taught me some tricks which I can still do. Unfortunately they were in the Coast Guard and were transferred to base housing which did not allow dogs. Lucky for me my present parents loved me at first sight and took me home with them the very day they first saw me. I live with them in Harwich and have my own private crate (without ANY door – I can come and go as I please), lots of swell toys, and get to go for lots of rides in both the car and Dad’s truck.

Let me give you an idea of what a normal day is like for me. After getting the morning paper and having my breakfast, Dad and I always go for a ride. We have many special places where we go and that I can run in the woods, sniff a lot, and hang out with my dog buddies. Dad always has a pocket full of treats and I can usually get a few. My friends get some too… we have a great time. Later in the morning Dad and I generally run some errands… I love riding around! I shudder to think that when I was first adopted I was a little reluctant to get in the car. Not any more! After hanging out at home a while, Mom takes me out for a walk in the afternoon. This is a “leash walk” just so I don’t forget how I should behave when I have to do that stuff. It doesn’t bother me because I know that there will be treats waiting at home. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the front porch with Dad in the evening and look for rabbits or other exciting things to check out.

After dinner, a nice rawhide bone, some TV, and then time for bed. Another good day at home comes to a close.

What about “special days” you ask. I really don’t love the heat in the summer and am thankful that our house is air conditioned. While the A/C vent is one of my best friends in the summer season, summer does mean that I can swim in the pond. I don’t care for the ocean or waves, but the pond is fine for a dip and stick chasing. Another thing I’m not crazy about in the summer is thunderstorms. Mom’s lap provides a safe and comforting place for me to stay during those scary times. I really do love it when the weather turns cooler and fall is here. The first snow is special for me and I love to run around in it and leap into the snow banks when we get a deeper snow.

Finally, I love coming to Nauset Pet Services and have been a “regular” since I was a puppy. I have a lot of good dog friends there and the staff (including Hugga) is really special. I get lots of attention, playtimes, good food, and a nice place to sleep. I love it there and always recommend it to all my dog buddies. I  sure hope their parents will book a vacation for them sometime soon so that we can get to hang out together.