Molly was obtained from a Havanese breeder in Virginia. She was tri-colored as a puppy. Havanese change color in their first year and now Molly is pure white.

Molly is a lover, not one to get into mischief.  Every now and then Molly sleeps with us and will come lay her head on my pillow for a lovin’. It doesn’t happen often and therefore is a very treasured moment.

Her hobbies include napping, watching the world go by, and playing. Her favorite place is Nauset Kennels Day Care. She loves to visit her friends there and can not get through the door and back to see everyone quickly enough.


Molly’s best friend is perhaps the garbage man. She eagerly awaits the sound of his truck on Monday mornings -and she some how knows it is Monday. She barks and squeals until we let her onto the back deck where the garbage man greets her with a dog treat.


Her favorite toy is a squirrel who has  stuffed acorns in its tummy that squeak. She removes them from the tummy and waits for a game of throw and fetch. Molly’s favorite place is the beach. Heaven for her would be a day of the beach, a small tennis ball and someone to throw it all day. When she gets hot she lays on the sand at the waters edge to cool off but never enters the water.


Several months after we got Molly, Bob had emergency open heart surgery. She has stayed with her groomer while we were at the hospital. When we arrived home, on Christmas day, she immediately sensed Bob was not well. She laid in his lap and never left his side in the two months that is took him to recover.