How can you look into those large expressive eyes and not fall in love with her?

And once you do, she’ll smother you with kisses. Nellie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was born in Cork on February 14, 2007.  Her father was First Superman and her mother was Longwater Tammy.  Nellie was appropriately registered as “Dream Realized”.  Historically, Nellie’s breed became an inseparable companion of the nobility, as evidenced by their inclusion in so many royal portraits.  When Mary Queen of Scots was led to the gallows her faithful dog refused to leave her side.  It was later removed from beneath the skirts after her beheading.

Nellie wasted no time weaving her way into every facet of my life. Following me from room to room, she was at my side wanting to assist me in my household chores. Even in the car this assertive lap dog wanted to take the wheel.

Nellie adores comfort, cuddling on laps or snuggling on soft pillows.

Nellie can be a runner and a chaser. She’ll pursue squirrels, air-born leaves, and low-flying birds. She’ll dive into snow drifts, prance through puddles, and dig for underground animals.

But since she was a puppy, Nellie has loved her doggie day care. She got plenty of socialization which built a confident, outgoing temperament.

Everything from snuggling with Charlie to Nellie has been MY dream realized, And then some.

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