Nemo was a stray in Brooklyn when the ASPCA rescued him at about 8 months old.  After a few months in the system, I found him on  I couldn’t resist those ears!  Our best guess to his breed is a Chinese Crested / Terrier mix.  His personality is all Terrier, though- he’s very territorial, and his territory includes our house, Wiley Park and Nauset Pet Services, as any stranger who has crossed his path has experienced.  He is a feisty 14 pounds of attitude!  We lovingly refer to this reaction as Stranger Danger.  Once he knows you, though, he is all love.
Nemo must’ve survived the city streets by stealing pizza slices, because 2 years later it’s still the food he most tries to steal!
His favorite toys are the rope toys- he loves to play fetch and tug.  He also spends a lot of time lying on the back of the couch watching out the window to keep us all safe from strangers.  He loves to walk in Wiley Park with his group of friends, who are mostly big dogs, but Nemo doesn’t seem to notice that he is much smaller than the Labs and Ridgebacks.  And he loves Day Care!  His best friends are his family, and he is different with each of us.  He loves licking the kids’ faces- especially their nostrils!  Ewww- not me!  He follows me everywhere, and is a total cuddle bug.
Nemo has lots of talents, including stretching, jumping and wiggling.
We are so glad we found Nemo!