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Our new kennel, completed in April 2009, offers single, family and privacy pens. The kennel is temperature controlled and features an air-exchange system. Our flooring maintains the heat in winter and the cool air in the summer. Each kennel connects with a private “outdoor” kennel that is also temperature controlled. In many ways, the actual kennel is quite traditional for many boarding kennels. What makes us special is what we offer our four-legged clients and how well we get to know your dog!

Roommates and outside, social plays are the norm for our more social dogs. Our more socially challenged or quieter dogs are given their own space and time in the yard. We don’t discriminate against any breed, and don’t treat dogs differently. We work hard to ensure that your dog is comfortable and loved.

Meals are prepared according to your pet’s individual needs and your specific instructions, from raw diets to home-cooked meals to kennel supplied meals. We do it all, whether it means giving a cup twice a day of our food to sprinkling Nilla Wafer crumbs on top of a meal (not much surprises us anymore!).

Medications and supplements are given as directed. We even do insulin shots.

Bedding is supplied each night for everybody. Kurunda beds, comforters, and other pet friendly bedding are provided for all dogs. If your dog prefers to eat blankets and bedding as opposed to sleeping on it, we will use the Kurunda bed only.

One huge play yard allows for exercise, play time or an opportunity for dogs to socialize. It is our goal to have the dogs outside and playing as much as possible, since this makes for a better boarding experience all the way around. Day care is always an option for those dogs who just need to play, play, play. Ask about our day care rate for boarding dogs. We also offer hand-walking and personal play/love time for those dogs who prefer their alone time or don’t play as well with others.

Spoil your dog with a going-home bath. You can even call us on short notice and we will try to accommodate you.

Since 1972 we have worked hard to keep tails (or tushies) waggin’! Come see what we can offer your dog and you.

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    Boarding office hours: Mon. – Fri. 8 – 5 Sat.  8-12 off season … 8-5 Memorial Day weekend- Labor Day weekend Read More

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  • Coupons & Specials

    $25 TUESDAY BATH SPECIAL! (This special does not run in the months of July & August!) $25 regardless of breed or size! Call us to make an appointment, we fill up quickly! Vaccinations are required.

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