There are many days that will have significance in my life but the one that I will always remember is July 27th 2008.  That was the day I picked up my seven week old black labradoodle from his breeder.  I named him Paddy.

We had a long journey home so we stopped to play with my nephew’s  children and Paddy showed who Paddy is.  He loved to play with the children,  wanted kiss everyone and be hugged by all.  He was a little ball of fur that  enjoyed his first day home.

Paddy and I live in Eastham with a cat named Brewster. Paddy thinks it is his responsibility to provide exercise for Brewster by chasing him around the house. Playing ball is Paddy’s favorite past time. He has learned his place stay on his boundary bed and is becoming quite the ball player.

In December of 2008 I was diagnosed with Cancer and Paddy and I began a new phase of our journey called “Day Care” at Nauset Kennel. Though the next fifteen months were challenging, Paddy became a great friend, companion, and “Mr. Sociable.” No matter what the day was to bring, Paddy was my alarm clock, waking me up every morning with kisses upon kisses. I knew that I had to get up, take him out, feed him, and then head off to Day Care. He loved going to play with his friends and I loved getting his report cards that said his behavior was “fabulous.” He came home every afternoon tired and happy. Paddy is a very intelligent dog who learned to be flexible. Occasionally there was a quick call to the kennel with a request to keep him overnight. Paddy enjoyed his time Boarding and meeting new friends and I appreciated the support of the kennel.

Paddy continues to go to “Day Care” everyday. Paddy has many new friends. Now when we stop at the Post Office I hear “There is Paddy!” Mr. Sociable thinks he should introduce me to all of Eastham.

Paddy is now two years old. He is still a ball of fur at 40 pounds and is affectionate and friendly as his first day home. Paddy loves the summer when all my grand nieces and nephews come and he thinks they are all here to play with him. I am well now and we are back to walking and playing ball in the back yard. However, every morning, Paddy stands at the door waiting to go and play at Day Care. He just has to visit his friends.

I realize the difference that Paddy and all the wonderful people at Nauset Kennels made in my life this past year. Paddy taught me to worry about someone other than myself and the people at the kennel supported me in keeping him a central part of my life. I am very grateful.

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