Ranger came from a rescue company called Shaggy Dog Rescue out of Huston, TX. He is a shepherd-golden mix with an under bite and floppy ears!

Ranger’s funny quirks are that he likes to nibble on people & loves the car, he’s the best car dog ever! Ranger does not bark to come in – ever – he just sits by the door. He does NOT like to get up in the morning – a real snuggler.

His hobbies include…balls…babies…the couch…the chair…the bed & the car. He wants to be with you all the time and to play all the time.

Ranger got out loose one day & never left. He went under the porch & waited for me to get home. He also has an under bite so he looks like he grins at you, always happy! He will not pee anywhere but familiar spots, we took him to NH twice and he lasted for 9 hours!

Ranger’s best friend is a two year old, 120 pound, rescue Great Pyrenees called Bismark. They fell in love at first play. Ranger is only 55 pounds, but he can hold his own when they play, and it’s so much fun to watch them! My best friend is the owner of Bismark and previous mutual dogs had never got along before!

When I saw his picture online and read his story – I had to have him – he was so abused. He had very little fur from mange and was only weighing in at 5 pounds at 4 months old. The rescue actually thought that he was a Pomeranian. His name was my first dogs name, as a child and he looked just like my first dog as an adult, which was also a rescue. He is my baby!

Ranger is learning to play ball by himself. He knows when I’m leaving for work and he does everything to try and get me to bring him with me, gnaws at my clothes, brings me presents, so cute! He is so soft and loving, he is always leaning on me. He is still very shy & timid but getting better with people and gets along with dogs.