My name is Riven and I am an Afghan, a sight hound but I behave more like a scent hound. You’ll find me with my nose straight up in the air or at the open window checking to see who might have been in my neighborhood, which of course will start me barking. I’m an independent guy and a bit aloof unless you have a dog with you. My best friend is Wagge, he’s a small dog from Switzerland, he speaks French and flies on a plane to see me. I also like to play with my cousins Payden and Finn, we like to catch balls and I always share.

Besides my Mom and Dad I live with my brother Jack, he’s an indoor cat and it’s my job to chase him around the house to keep him in shape. I think he likes it. I can be a little cat-like too, like when I sit on the very top of the couch (I’m not sure how I don’t fall off).

Once I was caught standing on top of my dad’s car, that wasn’t good (I’m no lightweight). When it comes to grooming forget it, I hate it. Just ask Leslee, but when grooming at home, I can be bribed with some vanilla Haagen Das (no wonder I’m no lightweight).

It’s a good thing I love to run. I really enjoy racing around Kent’s Point and when faces with the open space at Nauset Beach, I get so excited I will run in circles, that is until I spot a seagull. Usually I get so hot I need to go for a little dip in the water, which then leads to a bath and more grooming (some days I just can’t win).

And speaking of winning… I am also of champion stock. My father Picasso has been to Westminster and was the number 3 Afghan in the country. But that is not for me, I would rather just hang out with my friends at daycare. So don’t be alarmed if you hear me crying riding down Route 6 from Orleans to Eastham, I just can’t wait to get there.