Roops came from a breeder in Massachusetts. She enjoys sleeping with her front paws strechtech above her head. She also likes to sit on the couch like a person. She likes to take hot showers. If you tell her to “hold on to your paws” in the car she will brace herself in a turn. And of course, she can say her name ” Ra- Roops!”

Her hobbies include:

Staring out windows.

Digging in the yard.

Staring out the window.

Chasing the neighbors.

Staring out the window.

Eating pens.

We left her home while running to the grocery store and when we came home she looked like she had a bloody paw. We checked her mouth, paw pads, nails, arms, everything. She looked fine. Then we found a half- eaten red pen on our white rug. Not even the groomer could un-stain her red arms and paws!

Bailey and Jax are her buddies. She destroys her toys before she can decide on a favorite; however, stuffed toys seem to peek her interest.

The first time we took her swimming is our favorite memory. She loves running on the beach and splashing in the water. When she tires to get a ball out of the water she doesn’t look first. She just continually dunks her head underwater until we get it for her. She always looks so confused.

Her favorite spot in the house is on top of the couch cushions or the arm of the couch. She has no idea how big she is and has no qualms about sitting on your face or shoulder ( she sometimes thinks she’s a parrot. ) On Saturday and Sunday mornings she lays in bed between us waiting for belly rubs.

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