Sailor came from a breeder in Long Island NY called Pebble Rock Cairn Terriers. She has too many funny quirks to describe! She walks around the house making guttural sounds, letting everyone know she’s on the job. We call her The Curmudgeon.


Sailor’s hobbies include ball chasing, turkey wrangling ( very successful!! ) NOT! She loves to chase arrows after they are shot at the target.¬†We have a large population of turkeys in our yard. Sailor will wait at the deck door, until someone opens it. She then runs full speed, barking like a maniac, right through the middle of the flock. Some scatter, but most just stand there looking at her like she’s an idiot. She then returns to the porch for praise for a job well done.


Sailor’s best friend is the whole family really. She is truly a family dog. As for her favorite toy, a tennis ball is #1 in her heart.

Sailor, despite her name, is not that fond of boating or the water. We anchor the boat and swim off of it, Sailor joins in with much prompting, but she is very funny to watch as she swims (sort of) to different family members.

Sailor is a true terrier, she is very vocal when she thinks she is protecting her turf from crows, seagulls, birds in general, turkeys of course! Now squirrels are on her hit list. But Sailor is truly one of the best friends any human could ever have.