Sally came from the Laughlin Kennels in Oxford, Ma. Her mother was a beagle and her father was a pug – thus, Sally the “puggle”. Sally’s favorite snacks are carrots and asparagus! And of course, an occasional slice of cheese is good too!

Sally likes to run around in circles as fast as she can go in the backyard. When she gets tired she lies down in the grass and rolls around. She was so tired after her first day of day care at Nauset Pet Services, that she fell asleep on the way home sitting up!

Sally’s best friend is her sister, Dee Dee, the Maine Coon cat! They chase each other and take each others toys, but at night they snuggle together like best friends.

Sally was three months old when I met her. The breeder put her down onto the floor of a large reception area. There were several people and puppies in the room. I knew my puppies name would be Sally, so I stood at the far end of the room and softy called her name. She looked directly at me and ran to me as fast as she could! The rest is history – it was love at first sight!

Sally has a morning ritual for waking up! She moans and groans, stretches her whole body, yawns, moans and groans again, then she finally gets up!