Skeezix came from Cover Angels Breeding in Taunton, Massachusetts. Her hobbies include swimming, playing tugee, chasing birds on the flats, and chewing the stuffing out of toys. She enjoys barking at raccoons or any noises outside, even the ones that don’t seem to be real – at least I don’t hear anything!

When I settle down at night to watch TV the next thing I know she is at my feet with a toy in her mouth staring at me with those big, sad eyes!¬†Skeezix doesn’t like most treats. Every time I go into the Cape Cod Dog the nice young girl tries to give her a treat. Skeezix will take it from her and then drop it on the floor. She tried something different every time with the same outcome. She just doesn’t like most treats!

Skeezix’s best friend is Uncle Dave’s pit bull Bella! I love to take Skeezix to dog parks in Dennis and the new one in Yarmouth. She loves coming to Nauset Pet Services for day care, it is the highlight of her week playing with friends both animal and human!