Sophie and Newton

We (Sophie and Newton) were born in Rochester, New York and spent our first few years of life in Northeast Ohio. We really are working dogs. Every Friday, we went to our humans’ work, a lumberyard, and met every customer at the door. Once we even helped pass out paychecks (so what if they were a little wet and shredded?).

We are actually half brother and sister, having the same father but different mothers (Dad got around!).  While we look alike, I (Newton) am clearly the smartest, handsomest and most deserving dog.

Sophie just wants to have someone pet her all day and tell her she’s a good girl.

We have big vocabularies and understand a lot. But our favorite word is VACATION! That means we’re going to the kennel and get to play with the other dogs. It also means none of our neighbors can sleep because we get excited and bark like maniacs!

We love going to Nauset Pet Services-they are really good to us. When IS our next vacation?!?!?!?!