Hi! My name is Spike and I’m the October Pet of the month!! This is extra cool because my birthday is October 1st – I’m 1 whole year old!! Here is a pic of what I looked like then and what I look like now. I still love sticks!!

I was the little guy when my mom and dad and 2 human brothers came to get me. When I went home I only weighed 8 pounds!! Mom used to cradle me on my back and rub my belly – then I went and growd up but I still turn on my back any chance I get! But I digress (mom said that’s the word I should use) – here is me and my new sister, Misty, when I came home. I know she loves me because she always hisses at me and I know that’s her way of blowing kisses.

I love love being outside and sticks!! Here are some of my best outside shots – mom says I’m de-bone-air. That must be good because it has a bone in it!! Here I’m playing tug with a shoelace – It was strong but I’m stronger!

When I was 7 months old I had a couple of seizures and we found out I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Sometimes I fall down too. The doctor and the breeder and my mom and dad are trying to figure out what’s going on. But don’t worry I feel fine and the doc says I’m in good shape! I love coming to Nauset Day Care and taking long walks on the beach and playing in the water. My mom and dad can’t keep up with me sometimes!!

I like to go on car rides too but I growd too big for the seat so mom took the seat out and now I have a crate in the car. I like it but I can’t see out the window.

I pulled this stick out of the ground all by myself!!! When I do something like that I prance across the yard because I’m so proud!

My mom met my sister’s mom online and we got together for a playdate – She’s the one in the pink collar. We played for 4 hours!! It was so much fun!

This is me the end of September. I’m watching out for people who are walking by so I can tell them who’s boss…um…er…say Hi! To them (yeah that’s it – don’t want to lose my loveable status )

See ya later!