Summer, originally named Autumn for her beautiful coat, arrived from Arkansas on the “Northern Express” on a hot July afternoon in 2008. She was hungry, skinny and a little scared, but ready for a forever home. What she didn’t know, was that she was about to live in doggy paradise.

Moving to Provincetown in the middle of July can be overwhelming for anyone, never mind a country bumpkin from Arkansas. So we took Summer to the secluded places loved by many of the locals and sure enough, she quickly fell in love with Cape Cod!

We fell in love with her – hook, line and sinker! Summer is a playful, energetic dog who loves to be chased around by her many friends at Nauset Day Care, Thompson’s Field and at the beach. She’s also very cuddly, which has earned her a coveted spot on the couch.

Did we mention she likes to drive the Beetle convertible?

Summer is most likely a mixed breed, but we are sure she’s part Carolina Dog, also called the American Dingo. She has webbed feet, ears the size of Texas and a smile that will melt your heart.