Once upon a time, in June 2012, there was a litter of puppies born to a black lab mother and a hound father, somewhere in the South.  The litter was headed to a kill shelter when a series of wonderful, dedicated people chained together to bring the litter to the North and find the pups “Forever Homes”.   The Rescue’s theme for naming the pups was “presidential”, and included pups named Hillary, Lewinsky and Monroe.

That same week in June 2012, very sadly, our beloved lab, Lucy, died at 13 years of age from kidney disease.  She had been sick for four months, during which time the wonderful staff from Nauset Pet Services came several times a week to help with her care.  Very shortly after Lucy died, we cleared out of Eastham for summer tenants to rent our home for their vacations.  It was our last summer renting; we were planning a full time move to our home at the end of August.

We thought it would be a long time before we got another dog.  We were moving not only ourselves, but also a business.  Soon thereafter, it would be cold and icy, hard to housetrain.  We were grief stricken, and felt it would be disloyal to think about another dog.  But one of us, (me, Peeps Mom) had such longing for a little pup to love that I couldn’t stay away from animal rescues and couldn’t stay off the internet adoption sites.


I showed picture after picture of dogs to Peeps Dad.

Him: What if we need to go away, or want to go away?

Me: If we had one, we’d trust our first born to Nauset Pet, I wouldn’t think twice about having our pup stay with them. In fact, I’d want our pup to go to Day Care there.  Peeps Dad did agree with this point.

Me: Look at the picture of this one!

Him: Too big!

Me: Look at this one, much smaller!

Him: Too small!

Me: Look at this one, average size!

Him: Wrong sex!

Me: Look at this one! (This was Hillary, from the presidential litter.)

Him: She’s too pretty.

Me: How about this one, she’s goofy! (This was Monroe, and she was just as pretty, but with her head cocked to one side I thought perhaps I could slip her by his critical eye.)

Him: Well, find out how big she is going to be. (We needed small enough that I could manage, but not too small.)


The Rescue staff thought Monroe would be about 50 pounds. That was too big, we thought the maximum should be under 40 pounds.  For the rest of the weekend, I only showed pictures of unsuitable pups to Peeps Dad, because I couldn’t stop thinking about Monroe.  After the 50th unsuitable puppy that weekend, Peeps Dad said, “What about Monroe?”  He couldn’t stop thinking about her either!

Within an hour, we were en route to adopt her.  We renamed her Zoey, and at three months old, she was with us in her Forever Home, and we had a new puppy to love.