Nauset Pet Services

Family Owned and Operated Since 1972

Cat Boarding

Our open cattery takes the stress out of boarding. We only board a small number of cats per night, so your cat is able to roam the indoor cattery freely. Each cat can find his/her own space to snooze and there’s plenty of space to scoot around. We have recently expanded our cattery to include a larger second room with a large sunny window, cubby holes & perches.

Water and food (both wet and dry) are always available. If your cat is on a special diet, please speak with one of our staff members to see how we can accommodate your cat’s needs.

We welcome cats on medication, including diabetic cats on insulin.


Family Rate is $2 off each pet.

Boarding Office Hours

Mon. – Fri. 8am – 5pm
Sat. 8am-12pm off-season  |  8am-5pm in-season
Sun. 11am-12pm & 4pm-5pm